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About Us

About Us

Our commitment to excellence extends to everything we do. Why? Because you deserve and should expect nothing less! At CB Catering our culinary team of professionals are geared to cater for any number of guests and for any events. These can range from elegant cocktail functions, wedding receptions, birthday celebrations, anniversaries, formal dinners, corporate conferences, relaxed BBQs, picnics, funerals to film location catering. Our mission is to provide best menu ideas to suit your event and serve them at fresh and best quality, where your vision for your event is realized so you can relax and enjoy along with your guests.

Our Story

Community watchers have seen Ricky walia grow up in the shadow of his father Jay Ahluwalia into a budding entrepreneur. Besides being a restaurateur on a roll, this young man has expanded into show and concert promotions, and has ambitious plans to create an empire in the hospitality sector. With his drive and his magic touch, he just might be the right person to dream such big dreams.
Ricky credits his father Jay Ahluwalia (JT) when it comes to his business sense. “My dad sees the vision that I have, and he is there to support and encourage me.He says, “Tell me where you need me to be and I will be there.” Dad and I are side by side. Dad is my base, he gave me the structure to build upon, and I am just changing the business perspective to go with times. At the end of the day he lets me make the final decision, but my father, mother, wife, and sister are my biggest support.”


Jay Walia


Can you imagine starting a business that will be around 100 years from now? Jay Walia, the Founder of Walia Group of Companies who imagined, initiated and successfully running all companies under this group.

Jay Walia, who has his own long history with the city and with restaurants, shares, “My vision was to open as many Indian restaurants as possible. Now, with Ricky coming into the picture and taking over, I can see that vision becoming possible.I am proud that he has taken what I have been doing for the last 25 years to a different level.”

Ricky Walia


The hard work behind the sweet success: Ricky doesn’t shy away from doing frontline work even as he oversees a small management team to stay above his varied enterprises.

Making all this possible is a staff of over a dozen hard working men and women from the catering company—constantly refilling the chafing dishes and preparing concoctions that need assembly. A young man is busy prepping each individual serving of a fancy fusion chaat appetizer. The flair with which he sprinkles the final layer of chaat masala on each plate is reminiscent of the street vendors of India. With his slight build and boyish looks, the young man could easily be mistaken for a new recruit of the catering company, perhaps someone moonlighting between college semesters.